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What are we all about?

About Us

Planning Experience You Can Count On

Before joining the Canyon Team, every member began with extensive experience in the event planning industry as a meeting planner for a large corporation, an individual event planner, or on the hotel side as a sales manager.  

Since they joined our Canyon Team family, all of our planners have worked with a variety of clients, giving them a wealth of additional experience to draw on. 

Additionally, we support the ongoing development of our staff, and so we encourage them to take time to grow their knowledge in areas such as event technology, use of social media in event planning, and sustainable meeting practices.

Interested in joining the Canyon Team?  Are you an experienced planner in the Flagstaff area or looking to work remotely?  Email jobs@canyonteam.com

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The best way to understand how we work and what we can do for you is to speak to one of our planners.  We're looking forward to telling you more about us, so please contact us via phone or email whenever you're ready. 

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Our Passions (In and Out of Work)

The Big Picture

We believe all companies should commit themselves towards goals that go beyond their regular business.  But with so many challenges facing the world today, it can be hard to know where to start.  Luckily, the United Nations Global Goals help inspire us and see that there are so many ways we can start making a difference. 

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Green Meetings

We believe that sustainable meeting practices are not just a good idea, but that they make good business sense, especially as so many can be implemented for little or no money.  Not only that, but they enhance employee and attendee engagement, making them a win for you and for the planet.

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Preserving Our Natural Resourses

Our founding members chose our Canyon Team name for a reason - we love the beauty and majesty of our corner of the world and want to do what we can to help preserve it for generations to come.

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